On Monday Aug. 14th, Deacon Winninger was interviewed on the Wendy Weise Radio Program on Relevant Radio. Here is a link to the interview and more about their conversation, including a preview of Deacon's newest book, "Your True DNA. Discover God's Gift Within You!" 

In the book "Your True DNA. Discover God's Gift Within You!" Dn. Winninger helps the reader on the path to life purpose, fulfillment, joy and meaning in life and work. It shares 10 passages (chapters) each leading one through Christ to a new level of self-realization by discovering your true DNA (Divine Natural Attribute) God given Gift. This book inspires the reader to a new level of energy and commitment, living in a way that makes your world and everything in it a better place. Look for a book signing to be held at Lourdes this fall.