From Father Griffith:

As parishioners and friends can see, Jubilee renovations are well underway at Lourdes. The next couple of months will be a particularly busy time as a number of exterior and interior projects will commence and be completed. Most of the exterior and interior renovations will be completed by mid to late October.

I will take the opportunity to update you on the projects and outline the timeline for their completion. In completing these projects, there will be come inconveniences. I ask for your patience and for your understanding. I am confident that the finished product both interiorly and exteriorly will be quite beautiful. These projects are possible due to our successful Jubilee Fund and the generosity of our parishioners and friends. I am thankful to our staff and in particular Jared Ash, our Director of Facilities and Maintenance, who has done very able work managing the projects and who, through his experience and diligence, has been able to accomplish the projects at an excellent value to the parish. Almost all of the projects are being completed for less than projected costs.


In 2017, I began meeting with parishioners whom I asked to serve on a newly formed interior renovation committee. I have found this group to be very talented and helpful as we have together charted a course for the renovation of the church interior that is now underway. In addition, I have also been meeting regularly with another group of parishioners, equally talented and committed, who are helping advise me and parish on the exterior renovations, e.g. the courtyard and the grotto reinstallation. I am thankful to all of these parishioners for their gifts of time and talent which have been invaluable.

First, I want to update you on the completed and near completed projects. The sacristy has been renovated and looks beautiful. There is new flooring, new granite counter tops, new paint, some new cabinetry, light fixtures, and an updated ceiling. We are now working through final punch list items, but please stop in to take a look. New oak doors will be installed soon which will help provide better soundproofing for the sacristy.


Regarding the interior of the church, most of the church has been repainted with a bone color which provides a lighter and more open feel. It also helps the art come alive and provides contrast with the other elements and stain that is in the church. The new accent colors in the molding help highlight the architectural detail of this part of the church which had been previously obscured by the monochromatic colors in the church. The main chandelier has been removed which allows for the Holy Spirit mural to be seen from every vantage point of the church. Additionally, the Unitarian Angel Font has been moved to east side of the campus to a more fitting location. This will pave the way for a new Catholic baptismal font which will be installed soon underneath the choir loft – near the main entrance of the church.  The new mural behind the Lourdes statue will be tweaked to provide more color and depth and the statue will be raised up 34 inches via a new marble pedestal. These decisions were fully vetted with our renovation committee and only implemented after strong consensus was reached.


Lastly, I want to provide a scope and timeline for upcoming projects. Regarding the stone grotto which had been disassembled in preparation for the adjacent building project, the grotto will be moved and reassembled (at no cost to the parish) on the east side of the parish campus. The footings have already been poured and the grotto reconstruction will begin very soon. The grotto will take 4-6 weeks to complete and the new location will highlight the grotto to the neighborhood and will provide a more suitable place for prayer.


On the west side of the campus, all of the existing concrete will soon be removed and the earth will be regraded away from the historic church. There will be a combination of new brick pavers, plantings and increased green space which will make for a beautiful and welcoming new courtyard. Interiorly, the next 10 weeks will see the completion of the following projects: new flooring throughout the church (a combination of wood, vinyl and tile); a new marble altar of repose and tabernacle; the resetting of our historic crucifix in its new central location; the installation of a new granite panel which will be the backdrop for the crucifix; the installation of an octagonal baptismal font; new oak paneled doors to the sacristy; new oak statue pedestals; and a completed grotto mural backdrop to the Lourdes statue. Please keep all of these projects in your prayers and once again thank you for your generosity and your patience as we complete these projects.

Fr. Griffith