The Eucharist  - Jesus' body and blood - is the source and summit of our Catholic faith. Catholics around the world will participate in processions in their neighborhoods to share our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi. Come join us at Lourdes, June 18th at 11 am Mass for a special Eucharistic procession along the Mississippi River and back to the church. All are welcome!

A Pilgrimage to the Shrines of Eastern Canada with Father Griffith!  An opportunity to return to the home of the French Canadians who founded Our Lady of Lourdes parish in our Jubilee Year.  Join Father Griffith for this special Jubilee Pilgrimage to Canada, October 16th through the 22nd. The schedule includes a visit to the iconic Basilica of St. Anne de Beaupre, the second oldest pilgrimage site in North America. More information and registration materials are available here.

Last weekend many of you saw and were moved by the new Lamb of God mural that was completed by sacred artist, Nick Markell and installed on the church’s east wall. The mural is deeply moving and filled with rich symbolism that represents that best of the Catholic aesthetic tradition. Nick will be with us next fall to give a detailed presentation on the mural and its underlying theology and meaning. The concept for the mural flowed from a colaboration of Nick and I, as we have worked on a number of projects over the last several years.

The mural is Christocentric in that all three saints are displaying a gesture of deference to the Lamb of God. The Lamb is the main protagonist of the mural and is the one from whom the life giving waters flow. St. John the Baptist is in the center of the mural because he is the patron saint of Québec and the most revered saint of French Canadians. Thérèse of Lisieux is depicted because she is also a favored French saint, a doctor of the Church and universally beloved by Catholics. St. Francis is depicted because he is a great universal saint who is beloved by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. His radical vision of love and unity set the world ablaze with the fragrance of God. These three saints together span the great epochs of Church history: the early Church; the medieval period; and the modern period. The water behind the saints ties to our local history and represents the Saint Anthony Falls and the beginning of the rich religious and cultural history of Minneapolis’ first neighborhood in which our parish is located. There will be more to come regarding the symbolism and meaning of the mural in future homilies, articles and presentations.

June 11th - an exciting day for our Jubilee Year celebration at Our Lady of Lourdes! Our Mass for the City of Minneapolis was a memorable and fitting highlight for our 140th Anniversary.  


Archbishop Hebda presided at a special outdoor Mass at the Nicollet Island Pavilion followed by brunch and a program. The program brought the rich history of the parish and its role in the history of the riverfront and the city to life, through the stories of three of our parishioners. Michael Rainville, Barbara Johnson and John Derus are known both for their significant roles in city leadership as well as their long family histories (five generations!) at the French Church. The program also premiered our Jubilee Year video: Lourdes - Story of Faith. Here's a link to the video. Enjoy!

Father Daniel Griffith wrapped up the program with an exciting announcement about our Jubilee Fund Appeal pledge total; the status of our Jubilee Fund projects; upcoming events at the parish and most importantly, how we as a parish can work to build the culture of encounter Pope Francis describes and calls us to explore.

The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit has reached a critical juncture. The legislation has cleared the required Senate and House committees, but now needs to be included in the final omnibus tax bill to move forward.  The Minnesota House will vote on their version of the tax bill tomorrow.  If signed into law, the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit will help more kids from low- and middle-income families access a quality education. Let's ask our state representatives to ensure that the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit stays in the tax bill. Click here to send a message to your lawmaker!