The Catholic community of Our Lady of Lourdes calls its members to worship God, to reach out to those in need, and to invite and encourage all to make Jesus Christ known and loved in our world.  
From Father Griffith: The Catholic Church takes from her founder Jesus Christ the commission to preach, to baptize and to serve until Jesus comes again. As Christians, we believe in an incarnate God, Jesus Christ, who was sent by the God the Father to reconcile humanity to Himself. Before Christ ascended to the Father, he commissioned his disciples to go to the ends of the earth proclaiming the Gospel. The time between the Ascension and the Second Coming of Christ is the time of the Church where all Catholics are called to continue the saving work of Jesus Christ. 
Pope Paul VI taught us that the Church exists to evangelize (to spread the faith) and evangelization must be both the primary mission of the universal Church of every parish. When one looks at the nature of the Catholic Church, there are two important dimensions that are integral and inseparable: communion and mission. The Church (and all believers) are called to live and remain in communion with our Triune God. From this deep communion of faith, we are called forth to live the mission that Christ has entrusted to his Church. Pope Benedict XVI said in his first encyclical (God is Love) that the Catholic Church has a three-fold mission: to preach the Gospel, to celebrate the Sacraments, and to serve the poor. The three dimensions of the Church’s mission are integral to who we are as Catholics and are indispensable to an authentic Catholic faith.  As we learn from the rich tradition of Catholic social teaching, we are called to go out to be the presence of Christ to those need, as we in turn see the presence of Christ in them. Come join us at Lourdes as we are strengthened in the ancient mission of the Church to continue the saving work of Jesus Christ! 

Healing Ministries:

Rachel's Vineyard Healing Retreats  "It's Time to Forgive Yourself: Recovery After Abortion"

2017 Retreat Schedule - February 24-26, May 12-14 and August 4-6

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