Thinking about becoming Catholic or More Catholic?

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Looking to become Catholic? Looking to get to know your Catholic Faith better? Looking to find meaning in your life? Join us for Our Lady of Lourdes 
Faith Formation through RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
Want to learn more about the Catholic Faith? Have non-Catholic friends asking you questions about your Faith? Have family member who has fallen away from the Faith? 
Learn the truth about Catholicism by attending RCIA here at Our Lady of Lourdes.  
Our RCIA classes will meet starting in September with great presenters, great discussion, great reflection and yes, great refreshments all in the Name of the Lord.  Whether you are a non-Catholic or a non-Practicing Catholic or just interested in deepening your understanding we encourage you to join us – we guarantee you will learn things about the Faith that you did not know!    

Have a question? 

What is RCIA?

There is a great increase in the number of adults who are joining the Catholic Church. RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a program designed to help you learn more about the Catholic Faith through a series of classes, and discussions.  This program helps everyone grow in faith and the knowledge of God.  There is no obligation.
Our Lady of Lourdes RCIA/Faith Formation program is open to everyone who is interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith.  Not yet sure whether you want to become Catholic? You are still welcome to participate as you make your decision!
People from all sorts of religious backgrounds attend RCIA.  Some have been baptized in another Christian religion and some have not.  Some have been practicing members of a Christian religion for years and some have had little or no religious instruction or support.  Some are already Catholic but are seeking a greater understanding of the Faith.
The RCIA is a mix of learning facts, discussing how these apply to our lives, and praying; using all of these experiences to build and grow in a relationship with Christ.

When are the classes?   

Classes will be held on Sunday's and continuing about every Sunday through the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Presentations/discussions include Revelation, Creed, Sacraments,Tradition, Trinity, Grace, and many other topics.  
Everything is presented according to Christ's revelation as handed down to us by the Apostles in the written form of Sacred Scripture and the oral form of Sacred Tradition.  
Meetings include a presentation and discussion, questions and answers concerning different aspects of the Catholic Faith.  We use the New American Bible along with the "USCCB Catholic Catechism for Adults" as our guides. 
A full list of RCIA dates is also included on our parish event calendar.

Who teaches the classes?

Various instructors will include Fr. Dan Griffith, Professor Susan Stabile, and Deacon Winninger. There will also be video sessions from “A Catholic Way of Life television series.”

What does RCIA teach?

Our Lady of Lourdes RCIA is official Catholic Church Teaching.  We are not presenting our opinion but the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church as handed down to us by from Christ in both oral and written form, and safe guarded by the Church.

I've already been baptized in another Christian religion?       

You do not need to be re-Baptized.  You will enter the Catholic Church by attending the classes and making a "Profession of Faith".

What if I choose not to become Catholic?

That's your decision there is no obligation or pressure to become Catholic.  Some people learn about Catholicism in one year or several years before deciding to become Catholic, and some never choose to do so.  Regardless of your decision, Our Lady of Lourdes is here to help you.

Will becoming Catholic affect my everyday life?

Completely!  Find the meaning of life, find the joy of life, encounter Christ in your life, and discover the path for your life. You will come to understand the support the community of Catholics will mean to the Good News of Salvation. The Lord daily leads us to understand our lives and what he is doing to lead us to him through a Catholic Way of Life.

How do I begin?

Simply contact Patrice at 612-379-2259. She looks forward to answering your questions and helping you get started.