Our Lady of Lourdes Choir

Scores and Recordings, Ordinary 28C-Christmas Day 2016

Rehearsal Grid

Repertoire List-October

10/8/16-OT 28C-5:00 PM Mass (4:00 PM Call)

Introit: Si iniquitates (SA)

Psalm: Psalm 98, Parry

Offertory Anthem: With a Voice of Singing, Shaw

Communio: Aufer a me (SA)

Communion Anthem: Cantate Domino, Hassler

10/16/16-OT 29C-8:30 AM Mass (7:30 AM Call)

Introit: Ego clamavi (TB)

Psalm: Psalm 121, Wesley

Offertory Anthem: He Watching Over Israel, Mendelssohn

Communio: Domine Dominus (TB)

Communion Anthem: Notre Père, Duruflé

10/23/16-OT 30C-11:00 AM Mass (10:00 AM Call)

Introit: Laetetur cor (SA)

Psalm: Psalm 34, Hopkins

Offertory Anthem:Give Almes of thy Goods, Tye

Communio: Laetabimur (SA)

Communion Anthem (Quartet only): The Pharisee and the Publican, Schutz

10/30/16-OT 31C-11:00 AM Mass (10:00 AM Call)

Introit: Misereris Omnium (TB)

Psalm: Psalm 145, Marsh

Offertory Anthem: Psalm 150, Franck

Communio: Notas Mihi (TB)

Communion Anthem (Quartet only): Ave Verum Corpus, Byrd

11/1/16-All Saints-Time TBD

Introit: Gaudeamus (TB)

Offertory Anthem: O Quam Gloriosum, Victoria

Communio: Beati mundo core (TB)

Communion Anthem: The Beatitudes, Proulx


Introit: Intret oratio mea (SA)

Psalm: Psalm 17, Howells

Offertory Anthem: Locus Iste, Bruckner

Communio: Dominus regit me (SA)

Communion Anthem: Ubi Caritas, Duruflé

11/13/16-OT 33C-11:00 AM Mass (10:00 AM Call)

Introit: Dicit Dominus (TB)

Psalm: Psalm 98, Parry

Offertory Anthem: Exsultate Justi, Viadana

Communio: Amen dico vobis (TB)

Communion Anthem: O Lord, Increase my Faith, Loosemore

11/20/16-Christ the King-11:00 AM Mass (10:00 AM Call)

Introit: Dignus est Agnus (SA)

Psalm: Psalm 122, Thomas Attwood

Offertory Anthem: Christus Vincit, Noyon/Hancock

Communio: Sedebit Dominus (SA)

Communion Anthem: Chantons Victoire, Handel

11/20/16-Advent 1A-11:00 AM Mass (10:00 AM Call)

Introit: Ad te levavi (TB)

Psalm: Psalm 122, Thomas Attwood

Communio: Dominus dabit benignitatem (TB)